Friday, 5 February 2010

Storm: The Movie (Shout out No.1)

A bit of a shout out to the work of others, which is far in advance of my own, while I seem to have been granted the attention of an army of rational thinkers and sceptics.

(Now that I think of it, would a sceptic army be a good thing? They'd be very well organised and thoroughly trained, but it would take years to convince them that they should to go to war)

You familiar with Tim Minchin? If you are, good, that's to be expected. If you aren't, go to the link and don't come back until you are. If you are familiar but don't like his work, you have the wrong blog, I think you want this one.

Having seen the man himself live twice, and even met him in a bar during the Edinburgh festival (for 'met', read 'passed him as he was on his way to buy a drink like some sort of normal person but had too much pride to make an unsolicited introduction like a simpering fanboy even though it did cross my mind to do so'), I can vouch for his genius.

Who else could write a 9 minute beat poem based around an argument with a self-righteous homeopathy-swallowing arrogant airhead and make it entertaining?

Well, now it's going to be even more entertaining as they're making it into a video, or 'movie' if you prefer, I'm not sure what the difference is.

Check it out

You can keep up with the progress of it here. It's written, and the movie is being coordinated by Tracy King, Queen Bee* of the scepchicks, so big props to her.

(* = Metaphorically speaking, I'm sure Tracy isn't 10 times the size of your normal person with a massive swollen abdomen from which she produces countless larval sceptics every waking moment. However, given the nature of this blog and her pursuits, I should admit I haven't met her so can't completely rule it out)

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Manic Expressive said...

You know who I like a whole lot? Tim Minchin.

On a similar, but completely unrelated note, have you thought of doing a podcast? If you haven't, you really should consider doing a podcast. I would buy it...or at least download it for free as I do with most other podcasts that I regularly enjoy.

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