Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Bad Astronomy

As mentioned in previous post, this humble blog got bigged up in Bad Astronomy today

Here's the page

No reason for that link, apart from giving my regular readers (many of whom are German, for some reason*) an idea as to why there's been a lot more traffic to this site, if they'd picked up on it. It just links back to here anyway, but that means that with a bit of luck we might be able to trap some spambots in an infinite loop.

Back with more letters soon


* = I mean, I don't know the reason why my blog has proven particularly popular with German people, the reason they ARE German is most likely due to being born and/or living in Germany

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F Quednau said...

UNfortunately, avoiding such loops is really easy... :/

Ray said...

Hah! I'm actually in England, but my proxy server is in Germany. So all your German visitors may just be the English in disguise.

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