Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Science Commentary: Predator 2

I think I'm channelling my 'Science' character in my daily life now. Wife was away last night, I was on my own. Lacking anything better to do, I decided to watch Predator 2. Bought it impulsively months ago, finally decided to sit down and watch it for Nostalgic reasons.

Decided, for no real reason, to do a science 'commentary' on Predator 2 via twitter. Here's the results.

It's a laugh, at the end of the day


Watching Predator 2. Savage but high-tech alien slaughters laughable racial stereotypes. What fun!

If it's this easy for illegal immigrants to obtain military grade hardware, I can see why some people are so worried about them.

Actually, hideously over-powered 'aliens' appears to be a running theme with this film.

Do Jamaicans even practice Voodoo? First I've heard of it.

Did Bill Paxton have some sort of 'must play a prick' clause in his contract in the 80's/90's?

Ha ha ha, old computers trying to look like futuristic computers is always funny. Noble effort though.

Thinking about it, there's no proof that the Predator is Male. Many secies on Earth, the female is the hunter. And it has long hair...

When does Danny Glover say he's 'too old for this shit'? What's the cut off age for fighting advanced giant interstellar hunters?

Yay! Stereotypical scientist just determined the atomic structure of a metal in 3 seconds. Using a microscope.

Strange. Voodoo Jamaican drug boss with a somewhat African accent. Or am I missing some subtle nuance?

Good point, dreadlocks would make a severed head easier to carry. Not sure that's what they're for though.

What? A skull from a creature from the 'Alien' franchise? A species with an exoskeleton that has a bone skull? Why?

The colour and therefore molecular structure of bone is conserved across the galaxy, it seems.

A suit that bends light around it. Don't we have sunblock that can do that now?

Predator uses hi-tech weapons and combat skills to take out drug rings & criminals. Were he a white human billionaire, he'd be a superhero.

Exactly how do you determine what spectrum an unknown extraterrestrial perceives light in with such confidence?

Predator eats frozen beef. Doubly impressive for a being with no visible jawbone.

I think those are the same helmet/camera kits they used in 'Aliens'. Paxton must have brought them with him.

The alien uses infrared, so they remove all sources of heat from they're bodies and see with high powered UV lamps. Um...

Neon green blood should be a disadvantage for a species evolved for stealth combat, but if the rest of the planet sees in infrared too...

Glover's just chopped Predator's arm off and let him fall from a great height. Forgot to claim to be his father, though.

Would melted ceramics really be viable as a cauterising agent?

I'd love a super-sharp mechanical frisbee. Not sure my dog would feel the same, though.

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