Monday, 12 July 2010

The 'From Science' Letters, Volume 1.

Greetings all. Given the unprecedented popularity of my originally flash-in-the-pan idea of writing letters 'From Science', I've collected the series thus far in one easily navigable blogpost. if you're new to the seres, please peruse and enjoy at your leisure. If you're an experienced reader,please relive the classics. Or read them again and realise that they were crap all along, and vow to never read any of my output ever again. Your choice entirely.

And please, feel free to leave feedback and suggest subjects for future letters/articles, I'm think I've addressed most of the more obvious targets, but am happy to be proven wrong.

3. Dear Astrology, from Science (and not forgetting the incredible reply; 'Dear Science, from Astrology')

19. Dear Joanne the Tour Guide, from Dean (sort of a guest post, written from my actual perspective)

There we go, 6 months worth of pointless ranting. Here's to many many more.


email: humourology (at)
twitter: @garwboy

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Steph Ashley said...

Tag them all! Then we can access them from the front page of your blog, without you having to manually add to this list.

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