Sunday, 17 October 2010

TAM London Blog: No. 3 – Discoordination

(0.44 AM, 16th October, High Barnet)

Am currently in the spare room of my in-law’s house in High Barnet. It’s nice here, even though they have recently acquired two cats which are very keen to go outside but are not yet fully vaccinated so aren’t allowed to do so. Cats, it turns out, get a bit stir crazy in such circumstances and express themselves by running around a lot and making odd noises, with occasional forays into rooms where people are sleeping.

This is by the by. I went to the TAM London venue earlier, to register and avoid the insane cues that usually occur on the Saturday morning. I, however, am here due to a variety of insane circumstances which led to me being awarded a press pass. Press passes, however, were not being issued on the Friday evening. Hence, I made my way to the venue for no real reason.

It wasn’t total loss, as while walking in I passed a large group of people waiting by the entrance to the hotel. They were smartly dressed and flanked by hotel staff (couriers, bell boys etc.). Clearly, they were waiting for someone important. It obviously wasn’t me, but I waved and nodded at them anyway, just in case I was more popular in London than I was aware of.

I’m not, as it happens. But no matter, it was worth it just to see their confused expressions.

It’s a big venue, the Hilton where TAM is happening. I got lost a few times, but was saved each time by using the ‘follow the bunch of people who are clearly the sort of people who would go to an event like TAM’ startegy. Got me there in the end.

I could have coordinated with other TAM attendees and met up with them, but instead I wandered across town to meet my old mate Nick Phillips, of Horse and Louis fame. While heading towards an acceptable watering hole, we passed someone who recognised us and said they were a big fan of mine. That’s two people who’ve said that now.

I think that’s all of them.

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