Tuesday, 19 January 2010


A blog, written entirely in tweets (Twitter entries, for those who don’t know. Messages of 140 characters or less)

My blogs are usually too long winded and waffly. I accept this. I will try to resolve this in future posts.

It can’t be doing me any favours, less people are prepared to invest a great deal of time into reading something like that.

Weird how that happens, you’d think our brains wouldn’t prefer how information is presented, gradually or instantly.

Some people think the same about drinking water. “Small gulps absorb better” and crap like that. You can tell the difference, your gut cant.

That clematis in the window either needs watering or is just really bored.

But maybe the brain isn’t like that. I should know really, I studied it for four years. We don’t remember all things equally.

Specific points in your memory stand out from others, if they’re more ‘significant’ than the norm.

Long periods of commuting are forgotten. Except the one time you saw a burning dwarf chasing a pig along the carriage.

That sort of thing will stay with you forever. Even if it was brief.

Just found some of my old passport photos. At least I think they’re passport photo’s, I don’t remember being arrested.

So we’re probably predisposed to remember brief instances that are packed with information. It makes sense, really.

Hence why short attention spans seem to develop quite easily. An evolutionary imperative?

This would explain the rise in text speak, twitter etc. More information in smaller packages.

I can’t see how machines could take over the world if they whine like bitches and refuse to work if you use the wrong printer cartridge

Try explaining to someone why you like twitter. It’s hard to explain how it works. Like trying to describe a smell.

A smell you’ve never experienced before, and that doesn’t resemble any other smell. To someone with a cold.

But still, it’s getting more popular. I expect it’s because it delivers a constant stream of easily digestible nuggets. Like KFC.

But it does mean you have to churn through a lot of crap and worthless filler. Again, like KFC.

If I put ginger hair and glasses on my feet, they’d look like the Proclaimers.

Pointless fast-food analogies aside, it’s oddly addictive. Like Beer. It tastes crap and gives you a headache, but you still persist

Eventually you get hooked, lose all your teeth and money, and die under a bridge of liver failure.

Twitter may also have this effect, it’s not been going long enough to tell. I doubt it though.

Unless you have an iPhone, then who knows? I don’t have one, but they seem addictive and they turn people into tossers. Like booze.

A downside of twitter is you keep getting sidetracked while trying to follow a conversation or thread.

Is this really the best way to communicate important information?

There are two cats either fighting or screwing outside. Sound alone cannot differentiate the two.

Twitter can be hypocritical too. Championing free speech and communication, then hounding people who say anything upsetting

Also, people who complain vociferously about Government spying are also willing to voluntarily share every waking thought with strangers? Odd

But it’s an interesting social experiment. People willingly telling others about their waking lives, instantaneously.

Next step, we all form one homogenous linked-society, accessing a constant stream of Binary. Nice.

Not sure if we’ll still have all the disjointed distractions though.

The cats have gone now. Goodnight.


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