Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Avatar Bingo

There's some interesting debate around 'Avatar' at the moment, concerning whether it's good or not, whether the flashy visuals mean the shoddy plot is worth overlooking etc.

I saw it, quite enjoyable, but for those of you that don't want to see it but will somehow be coerced into going anyway, here's a handy way to kill the time (of which there is much).

Simply print this out and tick an item off whenever you see it/think it, as they include a variety of clichéd characters and observations. This may also make an interesting drinking game for anyone who ends up with it on DVD, or if you have an unusually relaxed cinema with a wider-than-average selection of 'refreshments'.

[N.B. I don't think any of these will spoil the plot, such as it is, but if you worry it might then read no further]

- Convenient Twin

- Harassed Scientist

- Instinctive expertise in supposedly complex process

- "Screw your rules, I have emotions!"

- Beautiful Savage

- "My, what great big numbers!"

- "So, do they have the same... you know... bits?"

- Suspiciously attractive person, considering their job.

- New Tech v Old Fashioned

- Biology always beats machinery!

- Blatant bad-guy who just loves war.

- Money beats principles.

- Dubious mystical ceremony which will blatantly come in handy later on.

- Harassed leader.

- Inconvenient evolutionary traits.

- "Wouldn't that be fatal?"

- Hard choice to make.

- Plucky rebels doing what's right.

- "Why would that even evolve on a low-gravity world?"

- In the nick of time...

- Yet another spectacular panoramic shot.

- Rivals in love.

- Inconveniently located treasure.

- Diplomacy NEVER works, as it doesn't have as many explosions

- Why is there only one like that?

- Why are humans such bastards, anyway?

So there you go. Feel free to add more.

Like I said, I enjoyed it overall. Well, most of it. My father generously took us to see it in 3D at the IMAX, and I think my visual cortex melted and dribbled out of my ears after the second hour.

Dean Burnett
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