Sunday, 14 November 2010

Science Digestive: For the visually impaired (sort of)

Big news nobody

This blog, a continuing attempt to combine science and comedy that always ends in rambling incoherent nonsense, has gone all audio on your arse.

I give you, Science Digestive: The Podcast (Episode 1)

I was thinking about calling it The Phantom Menace, but it's not that bad. Close, but falls just short in terms of overall awfulness.

It's me and my good friend Dave Steele (of Dr Alan's Placebology blog fame) attempt to improvise science-based comedy, and effectively just ruin everything. Have a listen.

We're endeavouring to sort out the sound issues, by the way


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Anonymous said...

I laughed! I think it should be repeated and definitely entitled 'Shitting all over the First Directive'. You daft pair of buggers.

Anonymous said...

How about a direct download linky so I can grab it on my phone for listening on the bus? Cheers

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