Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Forwarding address

I don't know why all the images on this blog have suddenly gone all blank, is anyone else seeing that? The timing is weird anyway. For the 3 people and seven spiders who may still frequent this blog, you've probably noticed it's not been updated in quite some time. Rest assured, I've not quit. Although my son was born in March, so I've been a bit distracted since then, so that did prove to be quite a barrier to regular waffling for the disinterested. No, the real reason I don't blog here any more is that I've essentially sold out.

The big media people came a knocking, and I jumped ship like the soulless attention seeker that I am. I blog for the Guardian now, is what I'm saying. My new blog is called Brain Flapping (long story), and it can be found here.

They pay me for that one, so it's updated far more often. I may still use this one for random non-publishable things, but that's not guaranteed as the standard they require is worryingly low.

So, if you do miss my ramblings, don't worry, there are now more than ever, except that now I have a banner that blends in with a corporate logo.

Remember when Iggy Pop did that advert for car insurance and everyone was disgusted? This is exactly like that. Exactly.


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