Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Humourology: A Science-Comedy Podcast

Haven't been writing this much lately, but I do plan to get back to it at some point, I promise. But nonetheless, I've not been completely idle.

I like doing science-themed comedy, it's kinda my thing in the limited area I inhabit. But it's picked up a bit in recent years. I'm not saying this is entirely due to me and my influence, but I have no data to rule this out so I might as well bring up the suggestion and let you ponder it on your own time.

Thing is, the format of Science-themed comedy has now become popular enough where I am to get more people involved in doing it and, perhaps most crucially, to get people along to actually see it happen.

But spreading the science-comedy vibe locally is all well and good, but why not use these here electronic communication systems to broadcast it to any virtual passers-by? So, in honour of the old Science Digestive podcast (on hiatus while Dave is living in Wrexham without Skype), I give you episode 1 of;

Humourology: The scientific stand-up comedy podcast

(WARNING: Adult material)

Covering topics such as environmental law, mathematical harassment, the discovery of antidepressants, the age of the Universe, evolution and Star Wars, this is a veritable mixed bag of geeky delights.

Featuring contributions from Bruce Etherington, Ted Shiress, Piers Stanger, Bob Ramsey, Chris Chopping and Trevor J Williams, I'll be producing more of these whenever the opportunity arises.

Enjoy, or not.

Twitter: @garwboy

Email: humourology (at) live.co.uk



Anonymous said...

How's about a download link so I can listen while I'm out and about? Ta.

Anonymous said...

Never mind - RSS saves the day.

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