Sunday, 1 August 2010

Skeptical Vandalism, part 2

Regular readers (hello, Wes and Jonnie) may recall that I recently engaged in a spot of Skeptical Vandalism.

People seemed to like it, so I did some more to alleviate the boredom of an otherwise pleasant Sunday. It was either this or go outside.

So, as per usual, I looked up everyone favourite supplier of far-fetched nonsense outside of the Vatican's public relations department, Natural Health magazine

I selected a typical cover image at random. This one

And, with a few tweaks, made it look a bit more acceptable

Feel free to print it out and pass it on, or sellotape it over any offending articles in medical places you might come across.


Steph Ashley said...

Think you'll find you have more than just the two regular readers! I actually thought of your last of these posts when I was perusing the shelves of my local newsagent yesterday and saw Natural Health sitting comfortably beside its partner in bullshit Spirit and Destiny - on the top shelf alongside the rubbish porn. I have to commend the shop owner if that was a purposeful move to keep everything that is inappropriate for impressionable young minds well out of their reach...

Gavin said...

This contains much win.

I like.

Kamil said...


"He swipes your pic-a-nic basket"

I love this so much. Your posts bring me much joy.

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